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Claude Lépine was born in the city of Granby in 1964. He is the youngest of a family of four children. At the age of 1, his parents moved to Montreal in the Plateau Mont-Royal district where Claude flourished as a child and teenager. Painting has amazed him since his earliest childhood, but the passion came when he met the work of the painter Riopelle. Inspired, he threw himself into oil and acrylic painting with great interest.

Multidisciplinary and self-taught painter, Claude Lépine likes to express his emotions through his works. Via mediums, spatulas and brushes, he delivers his moods of the moment. Joy, exaltation, pain or sadness, these vibrations are transformed, settle on the canvas and bear witness to their presence. With gestural fluidity, Claude Lépine creates dynamic interweavings in vibrant colors.



Claude Lépine begins by preparing his canvas with a primer. He can choose a base color that inspires him the most when starting his work. This background color can influence the overall mood of the painting.


With his spatula, Claude Lépine explores different textures and reliefs on the canvas. He applies paint with spontaneous and expressive gestures, creating abstract forms that evoke landscapes, natural elements or emotional impressions.


Without prior sketching, Claude Lépine draws on his intuition to choose the colors to use. He works with a palette of bright and bold colors, mixing them directly on the canvas to create subtle nuances and striking contrasts.


By working without preliminary drawing, Claude Lépine lets himself be guided by his instinct and his imagination. He experiments with shapes, lines and colors, creating dynamic and balanced compositions as his creative process progresses.


Throughout his work, Claude Lépine remains open to changes and adjustments. He can add or remove elements from the composition depending on his current inspiration, creating an organic and evocative work.


Once the work is completed, Claude Lépine takes a step back to contemplate his work. He observes the different textures, color contrasts and emerging shapes, appreciating the energy and emotion that emanates from the canvas.


Finally, Claude Lépine shares his work with the public during exhibitions or artistic events. He invites viewers to freely feel and interpret his art, thereby encouraging a personal and intimate experience of his creation.


By following this artistic approach based on the inspiration of the moment and the use of the spatula and brushes, Claude Lépine creates spontaneous and vibrant works that capture the essence of his artistic expression.


Personnage approach

In recent years, a semi-figurative figure emerges from these dynamic pictorial explorations. The artist nicknamed her Madame. To create this character, Claude Lépine was inspired by his mother, at the time a professional seamstress, for whom each dress made became magical. From this idea, he was able to develop a series of canvases at the heart of which Madame, with her colorful dresses, lives all kinds of adventures and emotions. Claude Lépine Artist Unique contemporary figurative professional painter. An overflowing imagination and vibrant colors.

Claude Lépine is an award-winning artist based in Canada whose paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally. His living contemporary figurative works are imbued with symbolism through specific imagery. For example, small eyes are often present in his pieces, they represent the third eye, "the eye of the soul" which dictates our way of acting for the good of our being. Lépine also explores themes of life and death in the form of balance.

His paintings are now present in Canada, California and France.


Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists as well as the Institute of Figurative Arts and the Mundial Art Academia. Enter his world and let yourself be impregnated by the special character of his art. 

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